MERLEI Is A Quality Sustainable Fashion Brand With Affordable Prices

At MERLEI we understand sustainability as the satisfaction of the new consumer without compromising the rights of next generations to satisfy theirs, guaranteeing the balance between economic growth, full care for the environment and social responsibility.
At MERLEI we do not understand how somebody can be nothing or just a little conscientious in caring for the environment like a consumer and in that sense our determination to sustain and preserve the planet in all the value chain of MERLEI is in the middle of our core.
At MERLEI we sacrifice part of our earnings to ensure the future of the planet for our children without having to give up fashion and feel aligned with nature.
We are MERLEI, from the green Bizkaia ( Basque Country ) – Spain, a sustainable fashion brand with durable products and affordable prices.

Bizkaia – Basque Country