MERLEI is TRULY and FULLY SUSTAINABLE not just a little bit and not only in the part that not afectts to profits. 

OUR MISSION is to create quality eyewear that not only looks atractive on you, but that you can also feel good about wearing a clean look.


MERLEI Manifesto

If you already know MERLEI you will know that we were born between volcanoes and the immense seas that look towards the new world and we settled in the green Bizkaia of the Basque Country – Spain.

Merlei means the law of the sea, where the sea and the land come together.

From our origins we have been activists for everything that the sustainability of the planet entails and we are aware that climate change is something very real.

With this idea, MERLEI is developed and thus we design and produce goods that have a net positive impact on sustainability and we work towards neutrality in the CO2 footprint, thereby renouncing part of our profits.

At MERLEI we want the necessary change to be something very real and for you to be the main protagonist of the new time.


ALL MERLEI sunglasses frames are made of biodegradable organic cellulose acetate CERTIFIED (wood pulp and cotton flower ) that means, unlike the acetate massively used so far, that it is compostable in nature and therefore recyclable and reusable, favoring a circular economy, avoiding waste plastics from the billions of sunglasses consumed on the planet.

MERLEI is ZERO CO2 footprint

MERLEI takes the carbon footprint very seriously and offers the best FREE shipping 24h service to its customers with a NEUTRAL carbon footprint.

MERLEI invests a significant part of its income in effectively caring for the planet in the processes of its ENTIRE VALUE CHAIN ​​and avoids marketing campaigns that rely on third-party actions. We are responsible for our activities.

Future friendly materials

We are not perfect but there are few things we are curently working towards with suppliers and manufacturers to identify more future friendly materials, to ensure we are doing all the best we can by the planet.

In this way we use certified  stainless steel hinches without lean and our lenses are made with CR-39 nylon which is lighter than glass and very close in terms of optical quality.

Recycling in MERLEI

At MERLEI we take recycling very seriously and that is why we offer a free shipping service so that if you consider it we can take care of the recycling of your MERLEI products. And not only that, we offer you a discount voucher for the new one replacement MERLEI product. Register as a customer to activate this service.

How does MERLEI recycle?

MERLEI separates the glasses for recycling, frame, lenses and hinge into 3 components and contracts the monthly selective collection service of Ecoembes that distributes them in the corresponding recycling plants. 


MERLEI is free of toxic products and all its products are 100% recyclable and reusable.